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Health Benefits Of Having Lesbian Sex?


The feeling of attraction to the opposite gender is a natural thing. But have you ever thought about U-haul phenomenon? While sexual attraction is a natural instinct of a person. And the reality is that there are many people who might feel attracted to their similar gender. In most of the country, Lesbian or gay sex is considered as taboo. However, the thinking of people is changing. As there is still hope for LGBTQ community can be able to be in a love relationship as well. However, in this article, you would be able to learn about some of the health benefits of lesbian sex.


Have you ever thought why such things happen with some people? While it is not a disease or disability, it’s just they have high oxytocin in their body. Oxytocin is a neurochemical that gives the feeling of warmness and fuzziness to the body after having a sexual orgasm. It gives the feeling of pleasure and sexual intimacy that is why it is also called bonding hormone. Since women are more predisposed to such things, as this hormone is an important role in the childbirth. While it is better for the two ladies in a relationship to not make a big commitment, as they are high on oxytocin.

Pain reduction

Because of the flooding of oxytocin in the system, endorphins in the body increases, while it reduces the pain in the body. In an experiment, when the people inhaled the oxytocin vapor they feel low pain for their injuries. This means that oxytocin can be helpful for women having headaches, arthritis, PMS and other painful problems. They can boost their oxytocin with a lesbian relationship.

Stress reduction

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Lesbian sex can also help women to stabilize the blood flow in their body when helps them with stress problems. While the people having frequent sex in their routine have lower diastolic blood pressure. Because of that, we can say that sex can help to improve the stress reduction, which is also true for lesbian’s sex.


Calorie burner

It is easier for women to make a judgment on the body of other women. While that can also be helpful in a lesbian relationship. As they can watch the naked girl (nackte mädchen) partner of each other during sex.  This can also be helpful for their weight control as well.

There are women who might feel attracted toward both gender. While in some cases women can’t be able to feel satisfied with their sexual intimacy with their male partners. In such a case, lesbian sex can help them bring back the feeling of ecstasy in their life.