How You Can Have Passionate Sex of Your Life?


In the movies, you might have seen the romance totally different from what you have experienced in your own life. It is natural for people to face ups and downs in their love life. While passion in the romance is the key which keeps the couple tied with the bond of love. Over time, it is usual to feel the lack of passion and desire in their love life. However, if you would like to enhance the romantic experience in your sex life with your partner, then here are shown some tips for you:

Tantric kiss

The trick for increasing intimacy is to come face to face with your partner and bring your lips closer to each other. Try to feel what your partner is feeling through inhaling and exhaling. It helps the couple to intensify their feeling of romance as they connect with each other through tantric kissing.

Play games together

You might have played games like truth and dare with your friends. While you can play such games with your partner to know more about your partner. This will help you to come closer. As you can also make use of Adult shop sex toys to bring more intimacy in your games.

Use your words

Words are really powerful which can help you to make friends and foes. While it can also help you to influence your love life in a good way. Saying sweet things with each other will help you to come closer to each other. Whispering while kissing in the bed and moaning while enjoying the sex will increase the intimacy in your love life.

Hold your partner

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Touching is also an important sensation which would help you to bring more intimacy in your romantic life. You should cuddle your partner in the bed as it will enhance the oxytocin level in your body. It will make you experience the joy of excitement and satisfaction with your sex life.

Try different positions

If you are being intimate in one position only, then it would be quite boring for both of you. While you need to experiment with your position, as you can try sugar spoon, doggy, couch rocker and other sex positions to enhance the experience of your sex.

These are some of the tricks which can help you to bring more intimacy and romance in your sex life. That would also enhance the bonding of love in your relationship.

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